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Inlet Fogging

What is Inlet Fogging?

Inlet Fogging, also referred to as Fog Cooling, fogging, evaporative fog cooling and inlet fogging, as it relates to power generation and combustion turbines, is a form of Turbine Inlet Air Cooling or TIAC.  Inlet Fogging is a highly-effective and economic solution to for generating up to 25% to 30% more power with the same fuel input, as well as reducing nitrogen oxides (NOx). 

Inlet Fogging was developed in the early 1950's as a way to cool livestock. From there it spread to cooling customers eating outside at restaurants in desert areas. Inlet Fogging reduces the inlet air temperature to near wet bulb temperature thereby increasing mass flow and electrical power output of power plants with combustion turbines.

Inlet Fogging is one of several methods for increasing power output with less fuel and fewer emissions and fall under the "umbrella" of Inlet Cooling or turbine inlet air cooling (TIAC).

Inlet Fogging providing a highly-effective solution to increasing combustion turbine's efficiency and output while generating greater revenues to your bottom-line in an environmentally-friendly manner that also significantly reduces fuel consumption, nitrogen oxides and greenhouse gas emissions.


Inlet Fogging

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